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A bikini swimsuit design range Made in Italy with tying on the hips. The lively kanga print is perfect to highlight the tan: sunglasses, wide-brimmed hat and Masai accessories to complete the fashion look of women  sisi
The Bikini  sisi line are in Sensitive fabric because lightweight yet strong, with an innovative technique handmade and a modern look and fashion. The Sensitive fabric is the most technologically advanced solution for swimwear perfect for all applications, ensuring maximum resistance to chlorine, UV protection and quick drying. The Sea Line  sisi while maintaining faithfully the designs and the colors of Masai culture uses the Sensitive fabric to ensure high product quality.

Say it with a kanga: IDD NI FURAHA NA SOTE TUONE RAHA (Give to every day the chance 'to be the most' beautiful of your life)

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